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The position of screw man doomed
     For screw people, you may never have thought about such a problem that no matter in the fast-starting stage  or full swing of 2015, 2016,even in the 2017, 2018... many screw people have left the fastener industry, and many people have come in.
Some people are always stay in the anxiety and others are working quietly.
     If you have been in the fastener industry long enough, you will know that the screw people are facing many problems, such as trade friction, raw material soaring and environmental supervision every year. After 2017, fewer and fewer new forces entered the fastener industry, which lead the enterprises to face the dilemma of “recruiting people”. Some screw people think that the fastener industry has end the dividend period.
     In fact, every industry is the same, some people are always in anxiety and others are working quietly. Those who have not followed the wind and are quietly working hard have found their future development direction in "fastener recruitment". In 2019, it will be a leaping for fastener companies. Have you seized the opportunity?