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Prohibit to Import Some Waste Metal

     The import and export policy of hardware, including fasteners,has attached attention from the industry.Insider said China plans to prohibit the import of at least part of the waste metal products next year, including waste and waste motor motor.
     He doen't know when the ban will start next year, the people who bring this information do not want to be named.
     On July 18, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental submit a document to WTO,which report to require an emergency adjustment of the list of imported solid waste, which approved by the end of 2017.There are four types of 24 kinds of solid waste, including the source of waste plastics, vanadium slag, Non-sorted waste paper,waste textile raw materials and other high-polluting solid waste.
     "The discovery of a large amount of high-polluting waste and hazardous waste, which is mixed in recyclable solid waste, seriously pollutes the Chinese environment," said the Ministry of Environmental Protection in China. "To protect China's environment and the people's Health, we have to urgently adjust the list of imported solid waste and prohibit the import of high - pollution solid waste.

Note: waste metal products can usually be used to extract scrap metal and other scrap metal.