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Rivets Assembled Handmade
     There are numerous huge metal frame once entering the factory. The staff is doing parts processing. Here you can see various parts of plane. An aircraft first assembled all parts into one aircraft component, and then combined these components into a plane. Then the plane could fly in the blue sky.
     Mysterious aircraft manufacturing assemblers with a pair of "magic hand", assembled a frame of aircraft.To ensure high security, they work hard.
     Aircraft are handmade, where machinery and equipment are auxiliary tools. Talent is the most important "equipment'."
     Bao Xiaosong, Ma Yu new, both are section length, one responsible for the wing, one responsible for the fuselage. Due to heavy manufacturing tasks, overtime working is common for them. When we arrived, Bao Xiaosong had been working continuously for 24 hours.
     Ma Yu drill into a fuselage to operate.The staff next to him kept to the fuselage accessories to play rivets. last year they  are stay in the factory for seven days and nights .If hungry,eat a meal. Feel sleepy, sit in a chair to take a nap.
     In order to Manufacture safety aircraft, every process, have to go through self-test, mutual inspection and special inspection. The aircraft are composed of numerous parts and tens of thousands of rivets assembled