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India China,Fastener Trade,Influence
     Recently confrontation between China and India border is strained. Someone even think there is possibility to start war between India and China.Wang Yi foreign minister express his opinion when accpet an interview,"The question is very clear, even Indian officials also publicly said that Chinese soldiers did not enter the Indian territory. In other words, the Indian side admitted to enter into Chinese territory. To solve this problem is also very simple, that is, just go out.
     We are concerned about the tension in China and India. Wether the strained relationship will influence the fastener trade with India?
     In recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of China's fastener industry, many relatively low-end fastener factory began to focus on the Indian market and migrate to india. On the other hand, India's rapid infrastructure development push them to purchase a large number of fastener from China.Therefore, compared to the past, fastener trade frequency increased significantly.
     It is understood that the Sino-Indian confrontation has already draw attention from many fastener manufactures of China,which are in the situation of wait-and-see.At present, although the impact is not so obvious, if the pattern keep stained,fastener trade between India and China will be greatly affected.