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Anchor Bolts Installation

     For the anchor bolts installation,what we need to pay attention to? The following is the guide for the installation of the anchor bolts for your reference. The installation of the anchor bolts is generally divided into four processes.
     First,the perpendicularity of anchor bolt
The anchor bolts should be installed with vertical, no tilt.
     Second, the laying of anchor bolts
In the installation of the anchor bolts, often encountered in the secondary anchor bolts grount, that is, leaving the anchor bolts reserved holes in advance when do the grounting. Then when under the installation of equipment,wear anchor bolts.And then use concrete or cement mortar to grount the anchor bolts.
     Third,Installation tight of anchor bolts
     Fourth, Make records of  the appropriate anchor bolts installation
     The appropriate construction records of anchor bolt should be make,which will be benifit of showing the type,size and some detail information of anchor bolt.It bring convenience for future maintenance and replacement.
The general installation of high precision embedded must first made the cage.Means need to wear the bolt hole in the embedded steel plate, and fitted with nuts pressed. Before pouring,the embedded parts should be strapped on the formwork,which can guarantee the installation size of the anchor bolts.If you want to save material, can also be fixed with steel welding. After the welding,need to check with the geometric size.Therefore, the bolts installed is truly completed.