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Quality is Everything

Some customers ask us that why S&D metalwork's price is higher than xx company ?

Then I will tell them as follows:

1.The raw material: the material we use comply with international standards,which is enviromental.
2.Equipments: We use import muti-station high-speed machine,import tap.
3.Products:Our products size firmly within the tolerance.

As can see,1.the quality of the raw material
                   2.production cost for machines,
                   3.the appearanc,quality and usage  of the goods  all differ quite much.

S&D metalwork pay attention to the products quality,the customer trust and long cooperation. We won't give up the quality to make profit.
So some time you may think our price is a little higher than xx company.But we you receive the goods, then everything is deserve.
There is old Chinese saying:Get what one pay for.Cooperate with us,without worries behind.

Quality is Everything