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BMW launches 3D printing components
      German carmaker BMW launched the company's 1 millionth 3D printing component, which is the metal roof bracket of the BMW i8 Roadster Roadster. The BMW completed the development in only 5 days and quickly integrated into the series production. BMW uses HP's multi-jet fusion technology, which also is the first time used in automotive production, can produce up to 100 3D printed metal roof brackets in 24 hours.
     The advantages of the 3D printing parts as followings,
     First, production flexibility, high degree of freedom;
     Second, streamline the process, reduce costs;
     Third,to achieve personalized car customization.
     Although 3D printing technology has strong flexibility and can reduce the cost and time based on the production of auto parts, it still have limitations in terms of quality, strength, durability, chassis and suspension. Key components such as engines and transmissions still depend on traditional manufacturing processes. As for vehicle printing , it still not the time. However, some industry analysts believe that once 3D printing reaches a sufficient scale, a number of startup technology companies will become new types of auto parts suppliers. In addition, 3D printing may also affect traditional dealer operating models.