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China's space dream
Whether it is the first image of the lunar surface returned by Chang'e-1 or the first lunar soil brought back by Chang'e-5, China's spaceflight has won worldwide attention. For thousands of years, the legend of "Chang'e flying to the moon" has pinned the Chinese nation's infinite yearning for the moon. Today, the dream of "Nine Heavens and the Moon" is becoming a reality.
3, 2, 1, fire.
In 2007, Chang'e-1, China's first artificial satellite orbiting the moon, was successfully launched, kicking off the three-step process of "circling, landing, and returning". For more than ten years, Chinese lunar explorers have made steady progress, taking one step at a time, successfully completing tasks such as exploration around the moon, soft landing on the lunar surface, and sampling return.
In 2020, when Chang'e 5 brought back 1,731 grams of lunar samples, it created five "firsts in China". So far, the "six battles and six victories" of China's lunar exploration project, the three steps of "circling, falling, and returning" have come to a successful conclusion. The return of Chang'e 5 to "cover the moon" is of great significance. It is not only a milestone in China's lunar exploration project, but also a landmark node for humans to obtain lunar samples after 44 years. From scientific research, to public popularization, to international exchanges, the study of lunar soil samples not only lays the foundation for China's promotion of interstellar exploration, but also contributes to China's treasure house of human knowledge.
Under the overall framework of "exploration, landing, and stationing", the fourth phase of the lunar exploration project has been fully launched. In the future, Chinese astronauts will be expected to land on the moon, and in the future, China will also establish an international lunar scientific research station.
Our journey is the sea of ​​stars. China Aerospace will continue to move forward on the road of human exploration of the vast universe, create more miracles, and pursue dreams for nine days!