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Fasteners and Chinese aircraft
Nowadays, most of the aircraft fasteners are still mainly imported fastener enterprises, which prompts enterprises to transform to high-end fasteners, and must strengthen innovative technology and manufacturing processes, such as heat treatment, surface treatment, material experiments and other projects , in order to ensure the high quality of fasteners and pass the high requirements of testing.
Through the C919 aircraft, a batch of high-end fasteners represented by titanium alloys have been popularized and promoted, and have been used in more and more important projects, promoting the development and progress of the entire industry.
At the same time, fastener companies are also constantly strengthening the research and exploration of fastener materials. It can be seen that domestic fastener companies are constantly exploring upwards, and the development of fasteners is also moving towards high-end.
The breakthrough of domestic fasteners has led many companies to turn their attention to the manufacture of high-end parts and components in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and even wind power, prompting companies to strengthen product technology innovation, continuously improve R&D capabilities, and maintain the competitive advantage of high-end fastener products , to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.