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Shared Bike Screw

     Bicycle park on the outside, which exposed to the sun and rain,test the quality of various accessories. Carefully observe the shared bike, you will find many fastening screws, which looks small, but plays an important role. Easy to disassemble the screws will increase the sharing of bicycle theft problems. if the key parts of the screw loose, we will be in danger.
     Based on the specificity of shared bicycles, anti-theft, reduce the failure rate to meet the needs of users, strengthen the travel experience is particularly important. In order to solve these problems,we need to do a good job of cycling every set of accessories . The screw on the shared is different with our seen in the daily life.Ordinary screws are mostly cross-slot screws, plus or minus the screw, or the hexagonal slotted screws, plum screw, the corresponding wrench is also more general. To remove screws is also relatively simple. And shared bicycles are mostly stainless steel anti-theft screws.
     It is understood that the market share of the bicycle using the main two kinds of stainless steel screws, one is inside the hexagonal with anti-theft screws, the other is the plum blossom with a column of plastic screw. Plum blossom with a column of non-standard trough, and better play the role of anti-tampering. In addition, when riding in different sections of the environment, the bicycle can not avoid vibration, dispensing on the thread can be a good solution to this problem. There is a real screw head below a red waterproof apron waterproof screw, you can prevent the rain into the bicycle inside. Because of this ingenuity of the design, we can be better anti-rust, anti-theft, anti-corrosion.
At present, more and more young people regard shared bicycle as a fitness tool.Even if only a small screw, focus on detail, innovative quality, is the trend, and essential.