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Japan Cancel Tariffs
      According to Japanese media reports, recently, the Japanese Ministry of Finance has begun to discuss to cancel theraw material tariffs on three kinds auto parts since the year of 2018.
     According to reports, since the year 2018, with the removal of the tariff system for developing countries, for the imported products from Brazil and other countries , Japan is expected to levy the same 2.6 to 3.3% tariff as the developed countries'.In order not to increase the burden of domestic enterprises , will remain at 0%.
     It is reported that the object is "dysprosium iron alloy", "aluminum hydroxide", "p-tert-butyl phenol (p-tert-Butylphenol)" three categories, which are raw material of car motors and lights and some other parts. Most imported from developing countries.
     For the tariffs, it is different between developing countries and developed countries. The tariffs are 0% on industrial and mining products for developing country.
     But since 2018, Brazil and other countries will be graduated from developing countries,scheduled to levy the same tariffs with developed countries. Since the year of 2018, Japan has first imposed tariffs on all categories of the five countries from the 88 categories of goods from Brazil,which take effect in 2019.