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Drink 8 glasses of water a day?
Today, countless health enthusiasts around the world have implemented the saying that eight cups are required for a daily diet into their lives. But unfortunately, Yosuke Yamada from the University of Wisconsin and Professor Farrell from Monash University are overturning this drinking water standard with their own experiments.
In a series of experiments, Yosuke and Farrell respectively discovered that people at different altitudes and ages consume different amounts of water every day, and that our bodies have two major discoveries: the regulation mechanism to prevent water intoxication. In this regard, the researchers said: "Humans have already completed most of their daily water intake during the process of eating. At the same time, age, region and other aspects will also prompt different people to have different dietary cultures, such as salt intake. In the face of such a diverse world, it is too general to use the same drinking water standards around the world." Related research has been published in "Science" and "PNAS"