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A Good Sales
A good sales should has qualities as follows:

1. Gratitute
  It is hard to imagine that someone without gratitute would do if he succeed. Learn to be grateful is not only for the people in foreign trade,but also the other industries.

2. Know your Customer
  Know your customer,also means know your industry,which need time.

3. Know your Market
 Excellent business sense, good at keeping track of market events and trends.

4. Well Know your Products
 It is important to familiar with your products. To be professional in your products will be helpful to get the order.

5.Familiar with Foreign Trade Process
 To know foreign trade process is not hard. But to be a sales,should qualified.

6.Good English
 English is the basic tool in foreign trade,including vocabulary,grammar,listen,speak,read,write. Communicating with customer,language is the basic requirement in the business.

7.Independent thinking 
 Learning to think and handle thing independent is a sales should do. Nobody will ready to help when in need.

8.Large Storage of Knowledge
 Pay attention to the new policy,well know the currency change and so on.
 a.How to ps a photo ?
 b. Does the raw material price increase in the future ?
 Thoese aspects the sales should well know.