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U.S. moon rocket launches into space
According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in the early hours of November 16, local time, the US moon landing rocket "Space Launch System" (SLS) was launched at the Kennedy Space Center, carrying the Orion spacecraft and performing the "Artemis 1 mission". number" task. The long-awaited launch, which came after multiple delays, marked the first step in the United States' return to the moon.It is understood that there are no astronauts in Artemis 1 (Artemis I), but there are 3 test dummies. The Artemis program has a total of 3 launches. The goal is to allow astronauts to return to the moon and establish a permanent base on the moon to prepare for manned landing on Mars and more distant deep space exploration missions. If the mission is successful, NASA expects to launch the "Artemis 2" manned mission around the moon as early as 2024, and finally the "Artemis 3" moon landing mission.