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New National Standard
During the 28th China Yiwu International Small Commodities (Standards) Expo, the State Administration for Market Regulation held a special press conference with the theme of "Standards Improve High-Quality Life" to publicize and interpret a number of important national standards. The standards released on the same day involve food, consumer goods, industrial products, cross-border e-commerce and other fields.
In the field of industrial products, "Adjustable Wrench" and "Nomenclature of Assembling Tools for Screws and Nuts" have been revised synchronously with international standards. According to the domestic and foreign market demand and production conditions of screws and nuts, the specifications, dimensions and assembly tools of adjustable wrenches have been added. Naming and categorization meet the basic requirements for assembly tools in the export and domestic markets, provide technical support for domestic and foreign trade, and allow more "Made in China" products to go global. "Plastic Polyketone (PK) Molding and Extrusion Materials Part 1: Nomenclature System and Basis of Classification" puts forward the classification and naming specifications applicable to polyketone materials. Polyketone mold material is a new type of green polymer material, which is widely used in electrical and electronic, automotive, aviation, medical and other fields. This standard is of great significance for standardizing product production, ensuring uniform product specifications and quality, and promoting the wide application and trade exchange of polyketone materials.