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About 304M, 304HC, 316 materials
304M, 304HC, and 316 are currently one of the most widely used materials for 300 series austenitic stainless steel. The obvious difference of each material is: the magnetic properties of the material after cold working are 316<304HC<304M. 316 material has better resistance to chemical corrosion, pitting corrosion resistance and seawater corrosion resistance than 304M and 304HC
In short, the characteristics of stainless steel standard parts are corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and hygiene, but their strength and hardness are normally equivalent to carbon steel (grade 6.8). Just like using carbon steel products, apply force casually, and do not apply too much force. At the same time, due to the good ductility of stainless steel, steel chips generated during use are easy to stick to the teeth of the nut, which increases friction and easily leads to locking. Iron filings will fall even if carbon steel is used, and it is not easy to lock up compared to stainless steel.