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Clean Metal Surface

The best way to clean different metal surfaces

In order to better use of metal surfaces, we can clean metal treatment based on the different metal properties.
1. steel
The most effective way to clean unpainted steel is to use solvent cleaning or steam cleaning after blasting. In fact, the SSPC standard requires cleaning of the solvent before hand and power tools cleaned and blasted. As for damaged areas is  by sandblasting. Water jetting and water blasting are also good alternatives, especially those that do not allowed dry blasting. Other methods, such as manual or power tool cleaning, are more suitable for small-scale repairs.
2. galvanized steel
As for new clean galvanized cleaning, simple solvent is sufficient to remove any protective oil used for outdoor storage of the galvanized sheet. Other temporary protective measures, such as chromate treatment, must be removed by the manufacturer's recommendations. Epoxy and latex paints have no roughness requirements and can bond tightly to the surface of a smooth, clean galvanized sheet, but some builders consider it necessary to use phosphoric acid or other chemical treatments.
3. aluminum and other soft metals
New and clean aluminum and other soft metals can be fully cleaned by solvent cleaning. Dust and loose corrosives can be removed with a cleaning agent; used paint can be removed with plastic particles or other light sandblasting; and blasting with coarse particles (steel or steel shot) can damage the soft metal surface. These metal surfaces can be washed first to increase adhesion.
4. alloy steel
Low alloy steel generally do not need to protect through the coating, but rely on the formation of the natural oxide film. If you need to remove the rust is not obvious for painting on the need for high pressure or high pressure water jet method. In order to achieve surface roughness, it is also required to increase the amount of sandblasted particles. Generally used in steel structure commonly used coating system.


Clean Metal Surface