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Human Bone Surgery Screw
     Biologists at the Graz University of Technology in Austria are developing a surgical screw made of donated bones for joining the foot and chin. Over the past few decades, the doctor use metal screw to do the operation, which the main material is titanium or stainless steel. In the course of surgery or after surgery, these metal screws will be regarded as foreign body, leading in make another surgery to remove it.
     The orthopedic surgeon Klaus Pastl have developed an alternative screw called the Shark Screw with and the Graz University of Technology, which made of human thighs. What are the advantages of screws made from donated bones? That is no longer need to remove metal screws like the past, nor need secondary operation. Because the bone screws will be completely healing with the bones. Even a year later X Light machine can't find the bone screw that transplanted into before.
     Palpation of the surgery must use about 20mm long screw,which can withstand the great stress.Because the volume of the chin muscle is small but the strength of the body is the strongest. Foot surgery, 4 to 6 cm long, but also encountered a lot of strength, such as correction of surgery in the bending force.
     The design of the thread will have a great impact on the bending force, the shearing force and the braking torque. Researchers must investigate and understand the dynamics of the foot and chin bone structures. In general, to use metal screws and the biological materials differ much.Their mechanics are the same, but must be noted that the bone screws will shrink slightly after disinfection and will expand in the body two hours after the end of the operation,which will be more elastic.
     Shark screws are currently manufactured by Surgebright, an Austrian company founded in 2016. The patented technology has been applied in 14 Austrian hospitals.