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Bentley,Tim Recalled In USA

     No one is perfect, so is the car.There is no thing perfect in the world, so is the security. The Bentley Tim,3.98 million RMB, recalled recently in the United States. Because the bolt is not properly installed, which will  lead to the risk of falling off when the vehicle seat and instrument panel in the collision. Thereby increasing the risk of secondary injuries inside the vehicle .
     According to NHTSA, the owner of the vehicle will be notified at the end of November. Then the seat and instrument panel joints will check and tightenin the 4S shop for free.
     At present, there is no information from the domestic Bentley official.
     Bentley last year officially released its first SUV, Tim, the lowest price is 398 million, which directly at the luxury class market. It also become the world's most expensive SUV models.
     However, Tim has recently been exposed to the existence of assembly defects, thus implementing the recall.Documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that fasteners in SUV seats and dashboards may not be tightened. Seat or dashboards may loosen and shake for a long time, causing traffic accidents or even Casualties.
     It is reported that sales in the United States 378 SUV SUV models, a total of 88 possible fasteners did not tighten the situation.
     Bentley side said the hidden danger is found in September factory self-examination.The technical staff check some cars in October, and then found the screw torque does not meet the standards.
     Up to now, there are no complaints from the owners for the loosening of the instrument panel. Also there is no defect caused by the accident and casualties reports.