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5.743 million tons steel
     According to date from the General Administration of Customs on June.10.China exported 5.743 million tons of steel in May 2019,a decrease of 583000 from the previous month,down 16.5% year-on -year.from January to May,China exported 29.093 million tons of steel,dwn 18,000 tns rom the previous month,down 13.1% year-on -year.From January to May,China imported 4.878 million tons of steel,down 13.45 year-on- year.
     China imported 83.753million tons of iron ore and its concentrates,an increase of 2.891 million tons from the previous moth,down 11.0% yer-n-year.China imported  total of 422.916 million tons of iron  ore and concentrate,down 5.2 yer-on-year.
     China exported 37000 tons of coke,an increase of 29700 tons from January to Ma,Chian exported 3.64 million tosof coke,down 9.7% year-on-year.