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Three Issues On Fastener

     1. Do not leave the actual free ahead of time.
With the drawbacks continue to show in the fastener industry,the transformation and upgrading of fastener industry is figured out. The enterprises have joined the tide of reform,making reforms, setting up new projects,developing new products and so on, anxious to step into a big step.
After the ups and downs of the transformation and upgrading of the wave, we fastener industry transformation and upgrading of the wave should begin to become rational. Need to change, but need to control the speed, solid and dry, can not be divorced from the actual free ahead!
2. Qualified artisans are based on working experience,not theorization.
Fastener industry is a technological industry. The industry needs people who really want to do the screws, who regardsas screws as a responsibility and mission. Only in this way, our fastener industry can really move forward, to change the current overall level is lower than the foreigner. An industry, and only practitioners with the hearts of craftsmen, which can in order to long-term development and be endless.
3. Environmental protection continues to maintain.
New environmental law is known as the history of the most stringent environmental law.The new environmental law likes a knife on the head for high energy consumption, pollution-oriented enterprises.In order to keep the knife stay on, you must follow the rules.
The environmental high pressure situation will remain. The enterprise should take efforts to maintain environmental protection situation. Therefore, we must attach importance to setting up energy saving and emission reduction system. This is not only to deal with the relevant departments to check, but also to better business, the healthy development of the industry and better human happiness.